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Whether you’re looking for strict keto, moderate or liberal low-carb recipes, here you have over 600 delicious low-carb recipes to choose from. Search for an ingredient or dish type, or dig into our selections below for inspiration.

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Low-carb summer delights

These are the recipe team’s top 9 favorite summer recipes. Delicious and easy salads for lazy days in the sun, sizzling hot chicken and meat on the grill and picnic-friendly lemon-lime cheesecakes in a jar topped with juicy raspberries. Yum!

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  • Jill's low-carb moussaka
  • Halloumi fries with avocado dip

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About our recipes

All our recipes are low carb, gluten-free and free from artificial sweeteners. They contain nutritional information (per serving) and you can print them easily. You can read our full food policy here: The Diet Doctor food policy. If you have questions regarding our recipes, please see our recipe FAQ page.

Each recipe has a unique colored circle, showing the number of net carbs it contains per serving.1 The colors are based on how strictly low carb they are:

  • Green (ketogenic low carb)
  • Yellow (moderate low carb)
  • Orange (liberal low carb)

This will help you pick the best recipes according to your diet and also help you calculate the intake of carbs.2 Take a look at the examples below.

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  1. Net carbs = digestible carbs, i.e. total carbs minus fiber.

  2. The fewer carbs you eat, the stronger the effect will be on weight loss and type 2 diabetes reversal, etc.